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...footsteps above creak against the spine. The spine that is spread through the soil. The soil that is wiser than you...

Hydrarchos is the story of an ancient sea serpent, and two men in different centuries forging legacies around it.
Featuring an incredible 15-metre-long dinosaur skeleton puppet, Hydrarchos explores the human cost of crafting a legacy, and gives voice to those who are silenced when history gets made. A fusion of theatre and puppetry based on a true story, this show invites you into the minds of those who become detached from scientific reality.


Hydrarchos was longlisted for the Best in Theatre Award at Sydney Fringe Festival in 2022. Read reviews of our Sydney Fringe production at Theatre Travels and Sydney Scoop

Central Plaza


I arrive at the mall at 10am. The lights from all the shops and all the displays and all the screens are dazzling. I breathe in. I’m here. The centre of the universe.

Short, sharp scenes intersect and collide in a suburban mall. Sophie’s not sure if she has a job anymore. Fiona really shouldn’t be speaking that way to Josh at work. Someone’s lost. Someone’s late. Someone can’t take it anymore. Central Plaza is a kaleidoscopic view of the harsh realities of contemporary wage theft. 12 students create over 50 characters in this incisive and galvanising new work.

This new Australian play has been specifically developed for students at the University of Wollongong, responding to stories of casual and insecure employment in the Illawarra. Central Plaza was written collaboratively by three playwrights- Mark Rogers, Lily Hensby, and myself.

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