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​New and Original Works and 

The majority of my experience as a dramaturg has been in the development of new, original work, from scripted drama to devised performance pieces. In my practice, I see the supporting of artists as they work to be central to the dramaturgical process, whether they are established in their careers or still emerging. My practice endeavours to foster a creative environment that allows for collaboration and open communication. Getting to know the people behind the art and finding out how to support their process is essential to developing an active creative vision.

Interdisciplinary Work


Theatre is a complex organism, and one that often benefits greatly from the blending of disciplines. I have worked with artists in a variety of performance forms and styles including puppetry, scripted drama, devised works, dance, performance art, verbatim theatre, and multimedia performance. When I work on interdiscplinary projects, I endeavour to bridge the gaps between artists working in different ways, and allow these specially trained artists to work together to realise a collective vision. As technology evolves and becomes a more pervasive presence in our lives, so to does it become a presence in theatre praxis. It is important for artists and theatre makers to understand the important role that new technology can play in their new work, and to not shy away from the potential that emerging technologies represent. 

Educational Theatre

Working with young people has given me great insights into the nuanced and specific srtuggles that younger audiences can face when it comes to understanding and enjoying theatre, particulalry when it comes to classical works like Shakespeare. Young audiences have different questions about a work than their older counterparts - rather than expect young people to enjoy and reflect on theatre as adults, I believe theatre for young audiences should meet young people where they are in the world and speak to their experiences. ​


​Horror Theatre

I have researched and written on the topic of horror theatre since 2019, specifically on translating this form and genre into theatrical practice. Horror theatre is a underrepresented form that epitomises exciting, immersive audience experiences. Horror theatre also deals with the murkiest of subject matter while maintaining a strong engagement with character and aesthetic. I am passionate about helping artists realise the ideas and methods of horror theatre in their productions. 

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